Shell Knob, MO


Many of our clients hold permanent residency outside of Shell Knob. Thus, we take pride in efficient and timely communication throughout the job to ensure the homeowners are well-apprised of all aspects of the job progress from start to finish. We send frequent updates and communicate on a weekly basis (at minimum) with homeowners to discuss progress, next steps, materials, and design options.


Welch Homes and Construction takes pride in customer satisfaction and their top priority is ensuring homeowners are well-informed and appreciated. 


Our team is comprised of conscientious, skilled, and specially qualified trade workers including expert plumbing, painting, electric, trim and woodworking, framing, excavation, septic system installation, insulation, drywalling, cabinetry, concrete and masonry. Dillon and Mark facilitate timely and adequate communication between subcontractors, suppliers, and other project professionals to ensure an efficient overall process and compliance with quality regulations. Dillon and Mark demonstrate proficient working knowledge and expertise of all work-related tasks, material, equipment, policies, procedures and tactics at all times. Quality insurance is Welch Homes' top priority to ensure all sub-contractors complete work on schedule, monitor deadline compliance, and fulfill any warranty related issues.